Great Wines Start in the Vineyard

Love and passion for winemaking is not only a way of saying.

It’s a state of mind. Taking care of a single vine or the entire vineyards estate is what we do everyday, trying to preserve environment and to help vines grow up slowly and properly, sure that a great wine can be produced through a healthy vine.

Hand Harvesting

All the Amarone grapes are carefully hand-harvested.

Five generations of winemakers in Valpantena, the ancient Valley of Gods. “Wine has always been part of our lives” says Luigi nowadays, “It means tradition and coviviality among family and friends”.


Drying grapes has always been a tradition in this area.

By observing the winds of this valley, our great-grandprents understood the peculiarity of this terroir. They begun to dry grapes off-vine for several months after harvesting. This is today still the great success of our wines.

Our Wines

We personally take care of our creations by carefully applying every single label on the bottle by hand.

The value and accuracy of the details become a value that identifies the quality of our products.